Stargazing in Idaho: a RVer’s delight!

RV life means your home is where you are at all times. RVers are like turtles; their homes go with them. What better way to explore the natural world than to take your home with you? And RVers with even a remote interest in spectacular views will have an eye-popping experience once they get away from the city lights, especially if you’re in Idaho!

Mountainbound Custom Storage & RV Park can offer you something no other RV park in the USA can:  easy access to the only “Gold Standard” Dark Sky Reserve, one of 16 in the world, and now designated as a Gold-Standard Tier (meaning the darkest of the reserves). You don’t even have to leave home to enjoy this unique stargazing opportunity. You can take it with you. Mountainbound is a three-hour drive from the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve.

Boondocking in the Sawtooth Mountains will beat the heck out of any fireworks show you have seen. And it lasts all night. We suggest you choose a summer night and plan to sleep outside. Collect your binoculars, telescope, camera, (or none of the above!), and sleeping bag. Let the fire die out, turn off the RV lights, and get ready for a trip into the galaxy.

Winter and summer celestial shows will have an array of different constellations, so a guide is helpful for newbies. You can use a hard copy or an app (and there are amazing apps). And no, that band of creamy haze stretching across the sky is not pollution. It’s the Milky Way, our view of the edge of our galaxy.

Summer and fall offer up several meteor showers and no theater or flat-screen serves up this view.

Significant meteor showers:

  • Late August/early September: Perseids
  • Oct. 20-21: Orionids
  • Nov. 16-17: Leonids
  • Dec. 13-14: Geminids

Dates may vary slightly each year and these are not the only meteor displays. Check out  NASA’s night sky planner to see what celestial events occur each month or Star Gazing in Idaho.

Idaho also gives you the chance of seeing the aurora borealis. To know when and where, check out the Visit Idaho website for clear information about when and where to get a local  glimpse of this natural spectacle.

Of course, boondocking gives you the best nighttime views, at any time of the year. All you need is your smartphone to get incredible images. So no extra tools or equipment is needed for a true lesson in what eternity looks like.

When settling in at Mountainbound Custom Storage & RV Park you will have a home for your home with so many options for exploration and adventure that you may not want to leave. It could take you an impressive amount of time just to see Idaho. This is a good thing.

Mountainbound is the perfect home base, with amenities that make RV life easier and more fun than you might expect while in one place. Mountainbound is more than your average RV park; it is a community as well as a place to kick back and watch the stars.

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