What’s so special about an RV park with Custom Storage?

These days, RV parks come in all shapes and sizes: there are full-time RV parks, short-stay RV parks, private campgrounds, state park campgrounds, and just plain old pitch-up and hope-for-the-best campgrounds. But did you ever come across an RV park that gave you all the space and amenities you needed to live like a king in your dream RV, and then double the space next door to house your most treasured possessions: your ATV, quad, boat, jetski…? Maybe your classic car? Or maybe, this space is for something else: a bar, a gym, a workshop?

Did you ever come across an RV park like Mountainbound?

We don’t think so. Mountainbound is a unique concept that exists in only one other place in the western USA: at our sister site, RIverbound in Lake Havasu City.

Why combine an RV Park with Custom Storage?

The concept was the brainchild of owner and project developer of both Riverbound and Mountainbound, Ryan Rodney, who understood that outdoor-loving RVers wanted to get maximum enjoyment from their surroundings by exploring them on four wheels, two wheels, even skis, or by boat. More RVers are towing vehicles and it made sense to provide secure storage side-by-side to their RV lot giving toy owners not only peace of mind but also direct access to both their toys and the outdoors. Both Riverbound and Mountainbound are surrounded by BLM land and the proposition of being able to roll straight out of your RV, into your RZR, and out into the desert or onto dirt tracks is irresistible,

What do you mean by “Custom Storage”?

Just that. This huge, (20’ x 50’ enclosed, insulated space built on a 5” concrete pad) is yours to design and use as you wish. Simply put: this is your man cave.

So, what do you want to do with it? Do you need a new workshop? No worries. You can install a car lift. How about a playroom? Great! There’s more than enough room for a pool table and couch – you can even put in a bar! Or large flatscreen TVs (you may as well make use of the high-speed internet to enjoy some streaming or gaming).

You can even add a mezzanine floor and windows. How does that sound for customized?

We built a Man Cave Custom Builder so you can get an idea of what will be on offer at Mountainbound and start dreaming about what you’ll do with your man cave.

Is storage at Mountainbound only available to RVers?

Storage is not only available to RVers but people local to the area who are looking for first-class storage facilities that are not only secure but are also in the perfect location to get the most out of their toys. Owners will also get full access to onsite amenities that will include on-site gas refueling facilities, pool, basketball and pickleball courts, convenience store, and much more.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Mountainbound, you can sign up for our newsletter and also call us on (928) 770-5585.

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