Our Top Pick of Podcasts for RVers

RV life runs over with educational information:  it all depends on how you prefer to get that information—and what information you want or need. Today we’re talking about podcasts, as easy to access as an audible book, and free. RVers are nothing if not generous about sharing what they’ve learned and podcasts are a fantastic, fun resource.

Soooo many websites list sooooo many different RV-related podcasts. They may be generalized, talking about everything from campgrounds to how to buy an RV. Or they can be very specific.

For example, there are podcasts for RV newbies, DIY repair, workout routines and exercise, families with young children, chefs, dogs or cats, musicians, residents of particular states or regions, boondockers, budget travel, and … well, the list is longer than we have time for.

We listed the most recommended podcasts consolidated from many lists and recorded the ones frequently mentioned. (That said, this is far from comprehensive!) The most popular podcasts are here, but we admit to adding a couple that are potentially appealing for Mountainbound clients.

While the podcasts in this list are linked, remember that most are available though more than one portal. And each podcast has its own schedule. Some are produced once a week, others only once a month—and any schedule in between.

Top Podcasts

The RV Atlas   Content has multiple focuses, like many other podcasts, and has included anything related to campgrounds, the RV industry, destinations, equipment, interesting RVers, and is accompanied by “The Campground of the Week” review.

RV Miles   One of the most popular podcasts, this has some of the most up-to-date news and a considerable range of information such as:  fuel prices, pet-friendly attractions, RV brands, national park entrance fee changes, significant celebrations and more.

RV Life  Media professionals and long-time RVers, the hosts aim to educate, inspire, explore, and inform RVers of just about anything related to RV living. Their podcasts are available on Apple and Spotify, as are many of the others here. (Freespot requires registration to access.)

RV Entrepreneur focuses on working from the road. Set up by a couple who ran their own business from their RV, the podcast now has a new host and is available on Apple (our link here) and several other platforms. If you are working from the road and your office has wheels, start your listening here.

RV Podcast is in the top five. Don’t be fooled by the generic title. The Wendlands provide important information based on experience (most recent:  “RV travel difficulties predicted for 2023”). Having begun their adventure in 2012 after years of “parachute” journalism, Mike and Jennifer have established a broad range of information sources, books, newsletters, a YouTube channel, and more.

Additional Significant podcasts

RV Navigator has been posting their podcasts since 2005, before RV life exploded into how we know it today. An extensive archive of their programs is available on their site.

RV Travel talks about much more than your rig. Want to know more about fishing, building a fire, how ducks walk on ice (!) or how Indy car driver Helio Castroneves uses his motorhome? It’ll take you a while to explore this treasure trove.

Girl Camper Podcast is aimed at women on the road and mixes fascinating interviews with concise, useful informations

RV Out West is for anyone parking for any length of time at Mountainbound in Idaho. This is hosted by Brooks, who grew up fishing, hiking, and camping in the northwestern U.S. He covers all of this and even more than you might expect from this extensive and amazing region.

RV Texas Y’All will get you snowbirds all over this huge, variable state:  where to go, what to do, and where to eat/drink!

Ok, we gotta quit. There’s no way to cover all of the amazing podcasts about RV life available. If you need to quit for a while, there’s no place better than Mountainbound Custom Storage & RV Park in Mountainhome, ID. With all the excellent amenities Mountainbound offers, you might want to kick back and listen between excursions.

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