The best RV park is a smart RV park

Smart home. Smart phone. Smart life. Modern life is inseparable from technology these days, but RVing thrives with good Wi-Fi coverage. We love our free-wheeling freedom, but some comforts of home are more than just welcome. Wi-Fi not only allows for our entertainment, but gives us a free rein to work remotely, stay in touch with family and friends, and even make travel safer and smoother than when we depended on landlines and snail mail.

So staying at a smart RV park is exceptionally . . . , well, smart.

Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park has dedicated cell towers that ensure consistent, high-speed connectivity. RVers can be assured their calls and connections to their jobs, schools, and family will go through. Wi-Fi is no longer a curiosity or luxury; it’s a basic element of daily life.

While many experts give COVID as the reason for the recent, unexpected increase in the number of RVers, the reality is that reliable technology was a major contribution. It allows the best of both worlds: the brick-and-mortar, stuck-to-the-ground way of life but with benefits, freedom, and adventure of RV living—with capable technological tools at your fingertips.

This is a good thing.

Practicalities of Good Wi-Fi Access

  • For your work:  dependable Wi-Fi ensures that you will show up on time for conference calls, client meetings, colleague communication, or even do any research necessary.
  • For education:  So many universities and colleges are giving classes online. Parents doing roadschooling have access to not only information, but to supporting associations, testing, and subject matter experts. OK, time zones will still exist, so you’ll have to work that out.
  • For your family:  Let your family and friends know where you are. Bring them in on the adventure, even vicariously. Send photos, videos, let the kids talk with their grandparents as much as they want (Skype handles calls to landlines for the technically poor in the family.) Meet new people as you go through social media and special interest groups. Make the most of your RV association perks and expertise.
  • For your entertainment:  Video gamer in the RV? Movie fan? Dedicated follower of a particular sports team? Or teams. Want a new recipe? It’s all available through the Internet as long as you have Wi-Fi available.
  • For your travel planning:  Need a reservation at your next RV park? Want to know what the weather is at your favorite ice fishing lake? Need to repair your boat or . . . heaven forbid, yourself? Take Rover to the vet? Get a massage? Or find your way to a place you’ve never seen? Yup, good Internet connection.

Why are Smart Parks not everywhere?

Why are there not more Smart Parks like Mountainbound? Not every park with a Wi-Fi connection provides sufficient bandwidth or even a sufficiently wide coverage. Other reasons these parks are rare:

  • Barriers to Wi-Fi signal in the form of mountainous terrain, man-made structures or even park facilities can limit the signal to your router. A dedicated, well placed tower in a park designed for such considerations guarantees good connections.
  • While we tend to think there are few wild spaces left, try getting a signal in the Montana wilds or on the Navajo lands in the southwest. So not only does Wi-Fi need to be high-speed but also planned to counteract regional issues.

Mountainbound has partnered with WireFree Communications in launching its own dedicated Wi-Fi service tower (with their own access point and microwave IP transport) that currently delivers a low-latency symmetrical connection of up to 30mbps to each RV park building. Moreover, this will be expanded in the future, thanks to the underground and aerial improvements that have already been completed to make each building ready for fiber-optic connectivity.

Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park in Mountain Home, ID, is a Smart Park of the most up-to-date kind. High-speed Wi-Fi is just one of the amenities provided in this cutting-edge park. Try out the pool, dog park, sports courts. Get your RV detailed or repaired. Restock supplies in the nearby Mountain Home. Then kick back and enjoy a good movie.

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