Taking Care of Your RV’s Exterior

RV Maintenance Tips

Let us introduce you to the skin of your RV. It’s easy to forget that it protects you, your family, your pets, and your investment. RV life is simple in many aspects, and taking care of RV maintenance is not problematic when you do it according to a consistent schedule. Make a habit of regular inspections and cleans from top to bottom—in that order.

Regular inspections and cleaning are the key

First, whenever staying in one place, do everything you can to avoid parking under a tree or in the sun for long periods of time. We know that’s not always possible. That’s where inspection and cleaning come in. See, there’s a solution for everything when RVing.

RVs are constructed to be lightweight and moveable. That changes everything from the chassis to the roof. This affects maintenance and fire protection and engine condition above all. Do-it-yourself options abound. It’s not rocket science and with some vigilance and a little elbow grease, 90% of problems will be gone before they become problems.

Keep your RV out of the sun

RV exteriors are fiberglass coated with a resistant gel. That resin-based gel is 1/32 inch thick and bonded to the fiberglass. To protect it, consider these beginning steps: 

  • Keep your RV maintenance manual. It will advise which specific fluids, lubricants, detergents etc., are best for your make and model of rig.
  • Establish the habit of inspecting and cleaning the rig after each trip and at regular intervals when stationary for a while.
  • Above all, when you decide to park or store your RV, keep it out of the sun. Its ultraviolet rays will deteriorate that gel coating and bird droppings and decaying foliage will do their own kind of damage.

Get scrubbing

While an exterior wash with warm water and mild detergent is recommended, forget any automated washlines. A hand wash followed by an annual (or better yet semi-annual) waxing also gives you a chance to do an additional up-close-and-personal examination. When washing and inspecting, always start at the top and work down.

At Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park, you have even more options. Have experts detail your RV or do after-the-excursion or before-the-storage maintenance while you kick back in your man cave. Take advantage of services offered here (and at sister park, Riverbound in Lake Havasu City, AZ) and in no other RV park.

Essential Maintenance

  • Roof inspection:  be sure first that the roof will support your weight before you step onto is without additional support. Check the surface for gouges, holes, scrapes, and around all the vents, seals, and any access points.
  • Walls, exterior and interior:  This includes surfaces, around windows and doors, moldings, seams, any manufacturers’ connections or access points. Slideouts are particularly vulnerable points for wear and tear. Look for any decomposition or new damage.
  • Include your awning in your inspection and cleaning. Interior walls will reflect any exterior damage so keep an eye on their condition during cleaning sessions.
  • Chassis and wheels/tires:  yes, the undercarriage and tires also need an inspection. Tires affect your safety on the road.

When all is said and done, the best protection for your RV is a secure storage unit at Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park where you will have on-site experts and access to detailing services. Mountainbound staff, available 24/7, will be able to refer you to services in nearby Mountain Home, ID, and offer advice or take care of your rig with their unique concierge service. Mountainbound and its sister company are unique among RV parks, a great home for your home.

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