Full-Time RV Living in Idaho!

Tiny homes are part of a current trend that supports sustainabilty and lower expenses. So why shouldn’t your tiny home have wheels? If you are now using your RV only for vacations, the magic of Idaho may persuade you to live full-time in your RV. Then you and your family will be able to take better advantage of all Idaho has to offer.

Many RVers return time and again to explore Idaho, so why not just live full-time here? With its ideal location in southwest central Idaho, Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park can eliminate the indecision. So, what can you expect from full-time living in your RV?

Domicile in Idaho

Idaho is well known for having a cost of living much lower than most other states and a quality of life much higher. Domiciling—establishing Idaho as your permanent address—provides benefits and changes to tax and insurance rates, voting, and schooling, but also your vehicle registration, and driver’s license. Domiciling solves numerous other issues, taxes among them.

This Idaho website explains Idaho tax advantages. Idaho does not require all-year residency: a part-time residency with taxes paid on only the earnings from Idaho. Basic fees, requirements for voting, homeschooling and more for Idaho are summarized here.

How much does full timing cost?

Your personal preferences and lifestyle will, as always, determine the details of your budget, but having a budget before you start will reduce the chance of unpleasant surprises on the road. And that budget will vary from state to state.

Domiciling doesn’t mean you park and stay in one place. Rather, it supplies a basis for the factors listed above and affects the amounts of routine expenses of daily living. Whether you plan to park frequently or travel constantly from place to place—or something in between—basic expenses will change very little, except for fuel. Supplies, parking fees, RV maintenance and repairs, insurance—both automotive and health—and, ideally, a good RV association will apply to every situation.

RV insurance rates—and auto insurance, for that matter—change according to your primary residence. Idaho RV insurance averages $1500 a year, but the RV class, age, and owner’s driving history, etc. affect the rates, which usually range from $800 to $2000 annually. For specific information about Idaho RV insurance, start here.

Families Live Full Time in RVs Too

Learning about the world, making new friends, seeing amazing sights, becoming closer as a family all figure into the decision to live full time. RV associations help families in significant ways, not just with discounted rates for road assistance, insurance, or campgrounds. Homeschooling is widely supported and accommodated among RVers.

But not only families leave those ground-anchored homes: retirees, singles, couples, and pet owners discover the freedom, adventure, and fun of RV life. When the weather gets too hot or too cold, pull in the awning, stock the fridge, fill the tank, and go.

Daily Life

With recent remote work situations, full-time RVing is more feasible than ever. Stable Internet connections will take priority for those working. RV parks usually have Wi-Fi similar to that used in cafés, with some like Mountainbound offering superior connectivity thanks to having its own dedicated wi-fi tower. Another income option is work camping, and yet another is to make use of short-term office space rentals in cities.

All the comforts and necessities of home are available on the road these days. With more than 11 million RV owners, people on the move have a large pool of resources to help maintain a normal routine, such as receiving mail, banking, watching TV, and connecting to the Internet.

Social Life

In no other situation do people make stronger and faster friendships than in travel. Full-time RV life has a social community as active and varied as that of staying in one place, and in many cases, even moreso. RV clubs and associations are a wealth of information (and discounts!), can provide communities, friends, and activities. RVers form strong connections through their common love of travel and variety. These days people who move to entirely different countries are only a phone call from home—time zones notwithstanding—through technology and so are RVers.

Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park, with 250 units on 46 acres, is located within perfect exploration range of more adventure that can be covered during a vacation. It is the ideal, high-quality location for full-time RV living. With a full range of amenities such as a pool, laundromat, concierge service, high-tech security and hookups, even a customizzed man cave, Mountainbound gives you the best for full-time RV living.

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