RV Storage for New RVers

Purchasing an RV is no small investment. If you plan to live full time, as more than a million Americans do, you may think RV storage is not for you. Not so fast! If you want to spend time in one place, whether for a break, to work, or seriously explore one area, an RV storage facility such as Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park could be your best friend. Here you can stay as long as you want, with covered storage, terrific amenities, and even a man cave to expand your options.

If you travel seasonally, where are you going to park that RV when you aren’t on the road? Good RV storage is essential for protecting your investment. Yes, you can park your RV behind your house, but not on the street without a fine. HOAs may also restrict what you can put in your yard. Not to mention any difficulties accessing your space.

Then please consider the damage the natural elements can cause to your RV. The sun curdles the paint and weakens the tires. Roaches and mice love their new home. High humidity or extreme dryness create their own problems: cracks, rust, or mold.

Now consider that your investment is open to vandalism or falling tree limbs, hail or wind storms, and more. Yes, you can use a good RV cover, but that is only part of the solution. It won’t stop pest invasions. And it doesn’t offset the effects of parking on uneven ground.

A secure RV storage facility protects an RV or fifth-wheel from all of the above. So choose your facility carefully. Mountainbound provides units with weather protection, easy access, serious security, and electrical outlets. You can scale up with climate control or concierge services. Now you’re in like Flynn. Complete protection.

So now what? First, choose a location with good access to the recreational areas you will use the most. Follow up with some research. Make a list of the factors that are the most important to you. And when you decide, check over your contract carefully.

Choosing a Facility

  • Compare facilities and check your amenities list. Is price at the top of your list? Or security? Access to electricity for your battery’s trickle charger? Bathrooms and shower facilities are extremely practical. Can you get to your RV any time of the day, any day? How far would your RV be from where you plan to explore?
  • Even if you don’t think about the camping options in a storage facility like Mountainbound, you will probably change your mind. In the current economic situation, long-term parking has its financial advantages. Sports courts, a pool, laundromat, even a café or convenience store gives you so many options for flexibility when staying or going.
  • When you search facilities’ websites or travel sites, read the reviews, but do so with a questioning mind. Reviews get placed for a lot of reasons, especially those that are the highest or the lowest.
  • Before you sign on the dotted line, talk to your RVer friends. Word-of-mouth is the best referral:  friends, colleagues, even acquaintances. Business organizations such as the Better Business Bureau are useful. Other sources of information and reviews are Facebook (so many specialty groups there!) and blogs contain a world of information. Online forums for RVers abound.
  • Is the facility staff on-site and exactly when? Are there multiple locations? Ask questions and if you don’t get clear answers, go to the next place. Take an experienced RVer with you.

Ultimately, you’ll probably decide on Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park for both its fantastic location and impressive amenities. The Mountain Home, ID, area offers more recreational opportunities than you can cover in a year. Or two. You can rent or purchase a unit, and with a purchase, you have tax benefits as well as the option to rent out your space for additional income. Mountainbound is more than a storage facility in the middle of an incredibly  beautiful place. It can be a home base and a vacation destination all on its own. Come check us out in Mountain Home, ID!

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