Beginner’s Guide to Boondocking

If you haven’t gone boondocking in your RV, you’re missing one of the best elements of RV life. Campgrounds are fun, filled with interesting people, but sometimes it’s wonderful to get away from the madding crowd—up close and personal with nature. Fresh air, birds, and the wind in the pines. Squirrels chittering. Heaven! Boondocking is […]

Full-Time RV Living in Idaho!

Tiny homes are part of a current trend that supports sustainabilty and lower expenses. So why shouldn’t your tiny home have wheels? If you are now using your RV only for vacations, the magic of Idaho may persuade you to live full-time in your RV. Then you and your family will be able to take […]

Dogs and RVing: Great Times!

RVers don’t leave home without…their dogs! And, yes, the credit card. RVing and RV full-time living doesn’t mean leaving the pets at—well, somewhere else. Many RVers love the company of a cherished pet on the road. And the kids may insist! We’re talking about what to keep in mind when RVing with your dog. Dogs. […]

Ahoy, Idaho! Boating in the Gem State

Idaho is truly a sportsman’s paradise. Many RVers decide to stay much longer than they planned on after a few days in Idaho. From a central location, such as Mountain Home, you have amazing lakes within a short drive. Take a three-hour drive, and then plan a few days in your RV basking in the […]

RVs Were Made for Idaho!

What most people don’t realize about Idaho is that the southwestern part of the state has stunning byways that are just what RVs were made for. Well, actually, more than just the southwestern part. All of Idaho, really. Several gorgeous highways wind through the western mountains, with stops available for rafting, soaking in natural hot […]

The Best RV Trips from Mountain Home, Idaho

As RVers know, no other kind of travel gives you the freedom to stay, go or simply head off the main highway and follow the tracks. When staying or living at Mountainbound Custom Storage and RV Park, you’ll be wanting to do all three – often. Mountainbound is located in Mountain Home, a perfect stage […]

The Biggest “Secret” RV Destination in the U.S.:  Idaho!

Idaho has been quietly stepping out from behind the curtain for the last year or two. As the fastest growing state in the U.S., it’s as if the spotlight just found the amazing, diverse scenery, and the plethora of opportunities for RV travel, with water sports, historical ghost towns, a rich tapestry of art galleries […]