Our Top Pick of Podcasts for RVers

RV life runs over with educational information:  it all depends on how you prefer to get that information—and what information you want or need. Today we’re talking about podcasts, as easy to access as an audible book, and free. RVers are nothing if not generous about sharing what they’ve learned and podcasts are a fantastic, […]

RV Storage for New RVers

Purchasing an RV is no small investment. If you plan to live full time, as more than a million Americans do, you may think RV storage is not for you. Not so fast! If you want to spend time in one place, whether for a break, to work, or seriously explore one area, an RV […]

What Type of RV Is Best for You?

Owning an RV is on the bucket list of many Americans. If you’re reading this, you may already own one (lucky you!). Whether you live in your RV or travel seasonally, and especially if you are thinking of upgrading your RV life with a new rig, you may want to review the pros and cons […]

Stargazing in Idaho: a RVer’s delight!

RV life means your home is where you are at all times. RVers are like turtles; their homes go with them. What better way to explore the natural world than to take your home with you? And RVers with even a remote interest in spectacular views will have an eye-popping experience once they get away […]

How to be fire-safe in your RV

RV Fire Safety Tips

RV life is certainly a simpler, more compact, and more exciting way of living. Some considerations are involved with RV life, as are different considerations for a permanent location. RVs are not built the same as a foundation home, as you already know. RVs are built by hand for maneuverability. RVs are not built for […]

Taking Care of Your RV’s Exterior

RV Maintenance Tips

Let us introduce you to the skin of your RV. It’s easy to forget that it protects you, your family, your pets, and your investment. RV life is simple in many aspects, and taking care of RV maintenance is not problematic when you do it according to a consistent schedule. Make a habit of regular […]

What’s so special about an RV park with Custom Storage?

These days, RV parks come in all shapes and sizes: there are full-time RV parks, short-stay RV parks, private campgrounds, state park campgrounds, and just plain old pitch-up and hope-for-the-best campgrounds. But did you ever come across an RV park that gave you all the space and amenities you needed to live like a king […]

Tax Season! What About Your RV?

In the last couple of years, the sales of RVs have skyrocketed. More and more people are taking up the RV life (many are heading here to Idaho!) and some of them may not be aware that there are tax deductions associated with RVs. If you have purchased an RV this year, depending on the […]

The best RV park is a smart RV park

Smart home. Smart phone. Smart life. Modern life is inseparable from technology these days, but RVing thrives with good Wi-Fi coverage. We love our free-wheeling freedom, but some comforts of home are more than just welcome. Wi-Fi not only allows for our entertainment, but gives us a free rein to work remotely, stay in touch […]

The Golden Rules of RV Park Etiquette

Some of the most interesting and fun people you’ll ever meet live in their RVs. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, and who have the same thirst for adventure and enjoyment of life on the road as you. Something that makes life a little smoother—other than great asphalt—is knowing the unwritten customs of […]